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      Company Profile

      Founded in 2006, Better Express set headquaters in China’s special economical zone-Shenzhen Bao’an District, has its own subsidiary department as sales ,opertating,customer service and finance.

      As an “A”Class licensed cargo agent, Better Express is a professional foreight forwarder mainly engaged in express delivery service. The core business of Better Express is international express,including TNT,DHL,UPS,FedEx,EMS,etc. We are in the principle of convenience,timeliness,security and veracity, in the service tenet of credibility and speed, we follow the goods through the omnibearing network to ensure the delivery safe and reliable, provide you with timely feedback, economize your expenses and time,satisfy each customer’s demand . The aim for us is to serve you in a way of rapid, high quality, low cost and safe for everybody.

      Otherwise ,we provide agent service in customs declaration and clearance, commodity inspection,international transportation, insurance, foreign exchange payment and receipt, help the foreign importers with the service of the inspection of goods and factory in China, forwarding and so on.

      Our development is closely linked with you, your support provides us more space while our progress will bring you higher and higher quality service .Once you choose Better.you choose a way of wealth accumulations and convenience.

       Better Express,give you better service

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